As spring looms


As winter loses its grip, spring begins to dawn and many animals emerge from their winter slumber. So as you walk along the Brayford, here are three types of spring wildlife to watch out for!


Spawn everywhere!

Frog Jo Garbutt
A handsome frog. Photo by Jo Garbutt Flickr

At night you may hear the serenade of frogs and toads looking for love. These hardy amphibians will be in search for a mate and a suitable body of water to fill with frogspawn.

Where to look?

Check any ponds you come across, including the small body of water near the University of Lincoln Architecture Building. The Brayford also has several small contributing rivers, such as the River Witham, which are also worth a look.

All hail the Queen!

Bee RD something
In the quest for nectar. Photo by RDW Photography Flickr

Queen bumblebees that have survived the winter will begin looking for the nectar of spring flowers.

Where to look?

Anywhere with flowers. The more flowers, the better. Gardens are an obvious place to watch bees but do not despair if you still live in University ran accommodation, the bushes around and under the overpass bridge are home to many wild flowers.

What’s that in the sky?

Red Admiral Paul Albertella
Beauty add beauty. Photo by Paul Albertella Flickr

Consistent mild winters have seen species of butterflies take to the skies earlier than years prior. The dominant five species of spring are Brimstone, Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell. The bright patterns of these little creatures helps a lot in removing the greyness of city and campus surroundings.

Where to look?

As far out as woodlands and as close of derelict sites, spring butterflies are everywhere. Hedgerows and gardens are sure fire places to fly butterflies fluttering about.


Article by Jake


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