The Life of Kanye: Commitment means cleaning

Smiles, laughter and photo opportunities. Kanye, our humble goldfish, was settled in and became a regular talking point amongst friends.

Be it a hamster, cat or even snake, a new pet is the real deal initially… then the novelty starts to fade as responsibility sets in.

Looking after a pet, even a goldfish, takes commitment and time.

Feeding wasn’t and still isn’t an issue – a pinch of fish flakes every two days is easy to remember and only takes seconds to accomplish.

The issue is taking the time to clean Kanye’s home and add fresh water. It can be frustrating to find the time, particularly when our small kitchen is empty so there is adequate room.

Yet this task is of the highest importance because goldfish waste will build up quickly in a small tank and will severely damage the health of the fish.

WildLincoln devised two methods of maintenance. In truth the process is simple and made much easier will a friend to help out.

For a quick water change:

  1. Get a glass.
  2. Remove a third of the tank water.
  3. Add fresh water to the tank – preferably with a few droplets of water treatment.


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For a tank clean:

  1. Find a suitable holding tank (usually a bowl).
  2. Will holding tank with water.
  3. Use fish net to move Kanye across.
  4. Empty the tank and do all necessary cleaning.
  5. Refill tank with fresh, treated water.
  6. Return Kanye using fish net.
  7. Sprinkle some food to help Kanye resettle.

So far these methods of maintenance have kept WildLincoln’s very own celebrity alive and seemingly happy.

By Jake


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