The Life of Kanye: A responsible idea


Most agree that with age comes responsibility and university offers this responsibility in abundance. Be it the balance of work and inebriation or learning and often failing to budget, there is often little time left to actually enjoy responsibility.

How could you possibly enjoy responsibility you ask? It’s simple. Invest in a goldfish.

Initially the idea may seem trivial but looking after a goldfish can bring together housemates, is something interesting to talk about at pre-drinks and provides something to stare at during inevitable procrastination.

And to test if owning a goldfish was worthwhile, WildLincoln decided to invest in an aquarium.

Unfortunately for students without access to a car the search for fish is limited. The viable option left is a visit to Pets at Home.

As a student my main concern was cost, however the pet shop offered an adequate starter tank that included a water filter and gravel. After a long deliberation over tank accessories, only the resident of the aquarium was left to find. Shop staff instructed us to return after 3 days to allow time to set up the tank and allow the advised water treatment to settle.

A few days later and WildLincoln returned to select a suitable goldfish. And so a careful yet intense study of the small goldfish tank began.

Which one to choose? Perhaps the small one with the white spot? Or maybe a lively one that’s dashing around? The latter was our choice. The latter was now Kanye. Our Kanye.  The Kanye.

Opinions of the name aside, within a matter of days WildLincoln had a working fish tank and a living goldfish.

The starter kit cost £15, spend as little or as much money as you like for tank decoration, add essentials such as fish food and water treatment, then finally pay only £2.49 for a small goldfish. A pet that can turn into a hobby with a for a setup that costs under £30…. Bargain.

On the surface buying a goldfish was a terrific idea, completely worth it if just to see the expression on friends’ faces. However, it is key to remember that a tank needs maintaining and only time will tell if Kanye serves as an enjoyable low-responsibility pet.


On the other hand, if fish aren’t to your test, why not see our article on keeping a snake?

Article by Jake


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